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Recording Studio:

I have been interested in the recording process since I was a teenager. I started out with my dad's mono reel to reel recorder. In the early 70's I bought a Grundig (tube) reel to reel stereo recorder which had the capacity to record sound on sound. This was followed by using a mixer and several microphones into a stereo cassette deck. I then moved on to a DoKorder 4 track reel to reel.

With the age of digital recording I am using this current set-up. Two Bruel & Kjaer (DPA) 4003 microphones powered via a B & K Two-channel Microphone Power supply Type 2812 recording directly into a Korg MR-1000 1-bit recorder. The MR-1000 delivers an astonishing 1-bit/5.6 MHz, doubling industry DSD recording quality standards. This new super-rate spec delivers a true to what you hear fidelity. The 4003 microphone is a omnidirectional hi-voltage (130 V) condenser microphone with extremely linear frequency response and extended low frequency handling capability. These microphones are extremely pure and are true to the source.

I Like the simplicity of recording with two microphones. Going directly to the Korg MR-1000 (R/L channel) without using a mixer. It's all in the placement of instruments in relation to the microphones. We also can do multi-track recording when necessary. My recording space is a room (18ft x 20ft) with 16ft vaulted ceilings. It is a great sounding room to play and record in. I have a Kawai GS-60 6'9" grand piano.

Besides recording at my studio, I have also recorded on location at concert venues in the Portland area.

Here is list of recordings I have engineered:

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