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Recording Studio:

I have been interested in the recording process since I was a teenager. I started out with my dad's mono reel to reel recorder. In the early 70's I bought a Grundig (tube) reel to reel stereo recorder which had the capacity to record sound on sound. This was followed by using a mixer and several microphones into a stereo cassette deck. I then moved on to a DoKorder 4 track reel to reel.

With the age of digital recording I am using this current set-up. Two Bruel & Kjaer (DPA) 4003 microphones powered via a B & K Two-channel Microphone Power supply Type 2812 recording directly into a Korg MR-1000 1-bit recorder. The MR-1000 delivers an astonishing 1-bit/5.6 MHz, doubling industry DSD recording quality standards. This new super-rate spec delivers a true to what you hear fidelity. The 4003 microphone is a omnidirectional hi-voltage (130 V) condenser microphone with extremely linear frequency response and extended low frequency handling capability. These microphones are extremely pure and are true to the source.

The simplicity of recording with two microphones. Going directly to the Korg MR-1000 (R/L channel) without using a mixer. It's all in the placement of instruments in relation to the microphones. My recording space is a room (18ft x 20ft) with 16ft vaulted ceilings. It is a great sounding room to play and record in. I have a Kawai GS-60 6'9" grand piano.

I like to capture the sound of a live acoustic performance, all in the same room, getting a balance of closeness and room sound.

I have also recorded on location at concert venues in the Portland area.

Here is list of recordings I have engineered:

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